Organize an event or incentive team building requires a lot of imagination, creativity but also depends on your budget. An incentive event can take place over several days as it can be declined on a single day but can also be integrated in a seminar or in an international forum.At an incentive or team building event, employees participate in sports, cultural or relaxed and fun. It's a unifying event to create a group harmony and team  spirit to enable participants to get closer to each other and to enhance and strengthen the identies of the company among employees.


 The incentive and Team building events can be many and varied and will suit your desires, your goals, your budget and your desire to really want to weld and  create a group dynamic.


 The categories are diverse and we can go far in the imagination and design:

  •  Extreme activities: 4x4 Driving and car bashing, paragliding jump, climbing, buggy, rafting, zip lining, mountain biking.
  •  Fun activities: treasure hunts, sports games, puzzle games, ...
  •  Creative activities: role play, introduction to local cuisine, local jewellery making, designing Jordanian bottles of sand ..
  •  Cultural activities: quiz about visited sites, eyes closed tastings of local dishes,
  •  The relaxation activities: thalasso and spa, diving and snorkelling, canyoning, swimming

 The possibilities remain numerous imaginable to the infinite and above all customisable according to your wishes and expectations.

   Ask us for your all what you need and we will arrange for you.