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10 Days 9 Nights
Category: Tours in Oman
Type: Discovery Tours
Start in: Oman-Muscat
Finish in: Oman-Muscat

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Day 1 : Muscat airport.

Arrival and meet at the airport and short drive to your 3 * hotel. Rest time then Muscat tower with the Great Mosque. Built by the Sultan Qaboos in the 1990s the great mosque is one of the most important buildings in the Gulf. Visit, then the fish market and Muttrah market. After a quick lunch, we embark aboard a dhow « local boat" for a dolphin watching. Here in the Gulf of Oman, there are many species of dolphins and whales that migrate from October to May.


Day 2 : Nakhl - Bilat Sayt - Sharaf al-Alamayn.

After breakfast we depart with our 4x4 vehicles by road from the north towards Barka and the fort of Nakhl which were built on a big rock to help defend the farms of the plain. We continue to the Hajar Mountains and enter the Wadi Bani Awf. After a hour, we arrive at a narrow gorge which is the entrance of the pretty village of Bilat Sayt. Here we will have lunch, then short walk through the gorge and around the village where there will be plenty of photo opportunities. We then continue our  road going up to the Jabal Shams, highest point of Oman at 2997 meters. Tonight is the first camp in Sharaf al-Alamayn overlooking the summit of Jabal Shams.


ASCENT: + 20m


MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


TIME: 1 hour walk

Day 3 : Hike Balcony Trail - Quiyut village (2400m).

After breakfast, 5 minutes drive to the view of the Grand Canyon of Oman and the village of Nakhr, which is more than a kilometer below us. We see the trail to be made along the edge of the canyon. From the village of Al Kateen, we follow the "balcony trail" to the abandoned village, hanging on the rocks and completely hidden from view, both from the top and the bottom. Just beyond the village we can see the terraces of the traditional farms that the inhabitants used to cultivate and a few steps further the small lake that fed the terraces. We stop to enjoy some snacks before heading back along the trail that offers breathtaking views of the canyon. Lunch. We then drive to Quiyut, to Jabal Akhdar for the second camp.


ASCENT + 1000m


MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

DESCENT: -1000m

TIME: 4 hours of trekking

Day 4 : Jabal Akhdar - A'Roos camp.

Today we leave for the first of our two days of difficult treks. After breakfast we depart for a 7-8 hour trek through Jabal Akhdar, Al Hamra valley and on the edge of the canyon. The trek follows a path of donkeys after the main road of the village Ar'Roos. The trail offers fantastic views down to the Wadi Bani Awf, the Wadi Mistal and the Wadi Bani Kharus. Picturesque lunch on the peaks of the cliff. We have a panoramic view of Al Hijir and our final destination for the day, the village Ar'Roos. Arriving at the village, meet some of the local people before a short transfer by vehicle (about 20 minutes) to our magnificent camp on the fertile lands of the Sayq plateau.


ASCENT: + 430m


MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

DESCENT: -760m

TIME: 7 - 8 hours of trekking

Day 5 : Wadi Muyadeen - Nizwa.

Driving about 20 minutes towards the beginning of the walk. With a well-timed start, we reach the Al Jarir region and begin our descent into the fabulous Wadi Muaydeen. With 3 - 4 hours of trekking, it is one of the most spectacular wadi in Oman. As we take a steep descent into the wadi, we will meet Omani going to their gardens. With a rock climb, we follow the edge of the wadi to join our vehicles for a short transfer to the oasis city of Nizwa (about 45min). Arrival to our hotel, in Nizwa. In the evening we will have a good local meal before going to sleep.


MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

TIME: 3 - 4 hours of trekking

Day 6 : Nizwa - Thamer.

Located along two wadis, Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman, is a fertile and green land with an oasis of palm trees stretching for 8 kilometers. Today, Nizwa is still the largest and most important city in the interior of Oman and is famous for its souks, its 17th century fort and for its art of goldsmiths, especially the ornate and engraved khanjars « Dagger »  worn during ceremonies by all Omani men. After lunch in a local restaurant, we take a three and a half hour drive into the Hajar East Mountains and set up our camp in Thamer, near Wadi Bani Khalid famous for its natural beauty.


MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7 : Trek Plateau Selma (of 2157m).

This morning we begin our second day trekking that takes us on the old trade routes and on the Selma plateau to the coast in the Gulf of Oman. It is not a technical hike, but it is a long crossing of the plateau. From about 650 meters, we walk through the luxuriant freshness of this breathtaking wadi, gradually ascending to a high point at 2157 meters. The rugged landscape of the Selma plateau offers a striking contrast and a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains of Ash Shariqiyah. After a 9-10 hour hike on relatively easy way, we set up our camp on the plateau at 1500 meters.


MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

TIME: 9 - 10 hours of trekking

Day 8 : Plateau Selma - Wadi Tiwi.

Trek through the landscapes of the rugged plateau of Selma for 4 hours. Lunch in the shade before beginning the steep descent in the lush freshness of Wadi Tiwi and its palm trees. We finish walking to the small village of Sooee, where there are some natural pools. Walk on the last easy stretch towards our meeting point with our vehicles. 20 minutes by car to our camp on the beach.


MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

TIME: 6 - 7 hours of trekking

Day 9: Wadi Shab - Muscat.

This morning, swimming at sea before continuing towards the Wadi Shab, 15 minutes by car. Lined with palm trees and including a number of natural hidden swimming pools. To reach the best cave with clear waters, we need to walk about a hour. In the afternoon around 15h, return to Muscat for a rest time before going out for a last meal in a local restaurant.

ACCOMMODATION: Guest house or hotel

MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

TIME: 1 h trekking

Day 10 : Depart from Muscat to the airport.

After breakfast, transfer to Muscat airport. 

MEALS: Breakfast