Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is one of the biblical sites that can be seen during your trip to Jordan.


According to the Bible, it was from Mount Nebo that Moses contemplated the Promised Land after God forbade him to enter. Moreover, for Christians, it is on this mountain where the tomb of Moses is. For Muslims, it would be in Nabi Musa, on the other side of the Jordan, in Palestine.


As part of the attractions of this magnificent place you will see:

  • The Serpentine Cross of Moses (The Brazen Serpent Monument)
  • Remains of the Basilica of Moses 

About 1 km East of Mount Nebo, you can see the springs of Moses (Ayun Musa), are a collection of fresh water springs said to be where Moses during the Exodus was directed by God to throw a tree branch, possibly a barberry into the bitter springs to make them sweet enough to drink.


Near Mount Nebo is the village of Khirbet al-Mukkhayat. The village is known for hosting numerous Byzantine remains including mosaics found in the chapel of the priest John and the church of Saints.