Tomb of Aaron


The Tomb of Aaron is the name of the supposed burial place of Aaron, the brother of Moses. There are two descriptions of its location in the Pentateuch, and different interpretations of its location. Although in Jewish tradition, the location of Aaron’s grave, like that of Moses, is shrouded in mystery, the Islamic tradition places it on Mount Hor, near Petra in Jordan.


Mount Hor is usually associated with the mountain near Petra in Jordan, known in Arabic as Jabal Hārūn (Aaron's Mountain) which is the highest peak in the area at 1350 meters above sea level, upon the summit of which a white-domed mosque was built in the 14th century, commemorates this. Indeed, Josephus and Eusebius both describe its location above the city of Petra.


It has long been a place of pilgrimage for many people around the World, and is worth a trip if you have an extra day in Petra. Good physical fitness is required for the long hike there and back.