Allenby/King Hussein Bridge

Allenby / King Hussein Bridge

The most famous crossing and the main point for Palestinians to circulate in the region. It is also the closest border crossing for tourists that come to Jordan from Jerusalem.

Location: In the southern Jordan Valley, 57km away from Amman, 220 km from Petra and 320km from Wadi Rum. On the Palestinian side, it is near Jericho.

Visas: Jordanian authorities do not issue visas at this border crossing. Since January 2020, even Jordan Pass holders must obtain the visa beforehand to enter Jordan via the King Hussein Bridge. In that area, the nearest Jordanian authority that can issue visas is the Jordanian Representative Office in Ramallah: Ein Mujid. Abraj Building, 7th floor. Phone numbers: (+970) 2-297 4625/6 or (+970) 2-297 4624

Important: visas issued at Queen Alia Airport are single entry only. However, if you leave Jordan, enter Palestine/Israel, and want to come back to Jordan, you can use the same visa issued at the airport, as long as it is still valid. That rule applies only if you enter/leave Palestine/Israel via King Hussein Bridge.

Exit fees:  10 JDs (around US$15) to leave Jordan towards Israel; 177 NIS (around US$53) to leave Israel towards Jordan.

Transport: Taxis are available on both sides of the border and we arrange transfers as well. However, If you would like to take public transport:

In Jordan: Jett buses are available to/from King Hussein Bridge from/to Abdali bus station in Amman. Departure times and prices are available here. This ticket includes the transport from Amman to the border and to the area between the Jordanian exit and the Palestinian/Israeli border. That means that you do not need to pay the 7JOD for the shuttle: just show your Jett ticket when you go back on the bus to continue the crossing.

From the crossing to the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem: there are buses between the border crossing and Jericho or Jerusalem. From Jericho, there are public shared taxis (services) to other cities in the West Bank.

Operating hours (Jordanian side): 

Sunday – Thursday: 7h30 – 22h

Friday – Saturday: 7h30 – 13h

Operating hours (Israeli side):

Sunday – Thursday: 7h30 – 24h

Fridays and Saturdays: 8h – 15h

However, the latest times for the arrival of passengers with transit/crossing purposes are:

Tourists: Sunday – Thursday: until 21h

Palestinians & East Jerusalem residents: Sunday – Thursday: until 22h

On Friday and Saturday, the latest time for the arrival of passengers (tourists, Palestinians & East Jerusalem residents) is 12h.