Reasons To Visit Jordan

Jordan is a land steeped in history. It has been home to some of mankind's earliest settlements and villages; harboring hidden relics from the world's great civilizations.

Glorious ancient architecture, desert adventures, deep sea diving, local home stays, delicious Jordanian cooking, spectacular holy sites, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea are just some of the reasons to visit Jordan. As there are so many things to do in Jordan, we have picked a few favorites to offer a taste of what Jordan is all about.


Historic Treasures of Jordan

Starting with what is widely considered to be Jordan’s most popular attraction, Petra is a historical and archaeological city located in the south of Jordan. Also known as ‘Rose City’ due to the coloring of the stone, the city’s main entrance is a breathtaking sight located at the end of a winding stone corridor.

Some of the most well-preserved archaeological sites of the Roman Empire stand in Jordan. Aside from the ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa in Jerash, be sure to visit the Citadel (for amazing city views) and the Roman Theatre, both located close to downtown Amman.


It’s Safe

It is absolutely safe to travel in and around the country, independently or in a group. This Middle Eastern country looks to welcome 7 million a year by 2020. Here's why it's your turn to be enraptured by a country that offers sun, sea, sand dunes, the wonders of Petra and delicious lamb and yoghurt.


Jordanian Hospitality

If Jordan is famous for only one thing, it is the hospitality and kindness of the Jordanian people. You’ll be happy to find that people are always prepared to help you and will go above and beyond in making sure that you are enjoying yourself as a guest in their country. Be prepared to receive many, many invitations for dinner and tea.


The Food

There is more to Arabic cuisine than falafel and hummus. Traditional, home-cooked Jordanian food is some of the tastiest, and healthiest, that you will encounter in the region. Must-try dishes include rice- and meat-based Mansaf and Maqloube, and if you’re lucky enough to be travelling in the summer, then the assortment of colorful fresh salads, such as tabbouleh, will complement the meal well.


From North to South, Jordan is Incredibly Diverse

When travelling around Jordan, the diversity of landscapes and people may surprise you. Experience the serene and humble lifestyle of the Bedouins in the desert of Wadi Rum by camping with them for a night, but don’t forget to explore what the progressive and fast city life in Amman has to offer as well.