King Hussein Park Run 30th December

Mon 30th Dec 7pm

Join the lovely King Hussein Park group for a lovely run in community! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people whilst keeping fit.

They meet in front of Columbia University Middle East Research Center, Mohammad Al Said Al Batayneh, Amman, Muhammad As-Saeed Al-Batayni St., Amman, Jordania .

Please make sure you read carefully their safety policies before you attend: 'DISCLAIMER AND SAFETY NOTICE: We’re a bunch of friends that enjoy running and meeting other runners. We take reasonable precautions to make sure our runs are safe by picking out quite neighborhoods, avoiding main/congested roads and junctions, and attempting to run against traffic whenever possible. That being said your own safety is your responsibility, and you run at your own risk. Before joining our runs please consider the following: 1. Assess your ability to endure physical excursion for 30 minutes - 1 hour. Our runs are usually at an easy pace and you'll generally be able to find someone to run with you if you run close to 10kph or faster. If we have sufficient runners we break into multiple pace groups We try to keep the loops short so that members can drop out whenever (or add as many) they want. Amman is hilly that makes it very difficult to avoid inclines. 2. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe and take all the necessary precautions you usually do when running by yourself, including but not limited to: - Wearing bright /reflective materials especially when running at night. - Looking both ways before crossing any street. - Not listening to loud music, or using noise cancelling headsets in order to hear oncoming traffic and/or instructions. - Carrying cash and ID incase you need to stop and buy some water, etc. - Brining a bottle of water and applying sunscreen especially for our morning runs - Downloading the course map to Strava in order to make sure you’re on the right path if you lag behind or need a break.'