Ma'in Hot Springs

The Ma'in hot springs are located 58 km south of Amman in Madaba Governorate and is 27 km away from Madaba. It is 120 meters below sea level. The Ma'in region contains a total of 63 springs at different temperatures but similar chemical composition, containing important elements such as sodium, calcium, chloride, radon, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Temperatures in some springs reach 63 degrees Celsius.

The hot springs are heated by hot water that comes from the top of the basaltic mountain and are dotted with waterfalls, painting a panoramic picture of nature and the depth of religious and historical heritage. The hot springs are accessible via several routes. The Ma'in waterfalls descend from the top of the mountains and form charming tides, complementing the waters that cross the Mujib Protected Area towards the Dead Sea through the Ma'in Mountains, extending into the springs.

Tourists frequent the hot springs, seeking treatment for chronic physical ailments such as skin and circulatory diseases, and bone, joint, back and muscular pains. The water in the springs contains elements with healing properties, including sodium, calcium, chloride, radon, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. The hot water treatment is also useful in cases of chronic rheumatism, muscle spasm, back pain, blood vessels, varicose veins, skin diseases, and overall body activation of nervous and psychological exhaustion, endocrine secretion and chronic sinusitis. In addition to immersing the body in the springs, as in a shower, bubble bath, jacuzzi bath or waterbed, foot baths and steam treatments are available. The steam treatment helps to cure chronic respiratory diseases especially among smokers.