Restaurants Amman

Shams EL balad Restaurants Amman
 Shams El Balad

Enjoy their amazing view of the citadel and their  dishes made of 100% organic ingredients.

Hashem Restaurant
Hashem Downtown

Hashem Downtown is the oldest restaurant in town, it has been running since 1956. A must-see!

Kan Zaman Restaurant
Kan Zamaan Restaurant

An attractive heritage place that serves great food. Unique, authentic, oriental and local cuisine.

Fakhreldin Restaurant
Fakhreldin Restaurant

It has earned critical acclaim as one of the top restaurants in Amman. Quality meat, chicken and seafood.

Habibah Sweets
 Habibah Sweets

Family-run shop, they sell traditional chocolates and pastries and are famous for their kanafeh.


Combining Egyptian and Jordanian culture this restaurant specializes in "feteer", a delicious pastry.

primal Restaurant AMman
Primal Restaurant Amman

The first and only paleo restaurant in Amman. Totally gluten-free, refined sugar-free and lactose-free.

Al-quds falafel
Al-Quds Falafel

On the famous Rainbow street, Al-Quds restaurant  is known to serve the best falafel in Amman.