Wadi Rum

The Wadi Rum consists of 278 square miles of desert wilderness. It is commonly called "The Valley of the Moon". This is a protected area in the southern Jordan valley.

When you arrive to Wadi Rum it is easy to understand why it was chosen as the location of films set on the planet Mars such as the famed mainstream movie Red Planet (2000). The color of its sand and its rocks of granite, basalt and sandstone sculpted by the wind, create a natural spectacle that has few equals in the world.

A maze of monolithic rockscapes rises up from the desert floor to heights of 1,750m creating a natural challenge for serious mountaineers. Hikers can enjoy the tranquility of the boundless empty spaces and explore the canyons and water holes to discover 4000-year-old rock drawings and the many other spectacular treasures this vast wilderness holds in store.

For thousands of years, people have inhabited Wadi Rum, struggling to survive in this harsh desert conditions. Hunters, farmers, traders and pastoralist have called this area home. Even the famed Nabateans once resided Wadi Rum, leaving behind several structures upon their departure.

Getting on a 4x4 vehicle and entering the desert for miles will be your escape from civilization, towards a place you must find yourself, tranquility, peace and inner calm, a sense of quiet despite the incessant hiss of the wind. 

Stunning sunsets and star-filled nights, definitely make the Wadi Rum desert one of the wonders of Jordan that you have to visit.