Yarmouk Forest Reserve

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature is implementing the Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Jordan Rift Valley project, which aims to establish a network of reserves and special conservation areas in the Jordan rift valley region, Yarmouk is one area in a network of sites.

It was announced as a natural reserve the 6th of January 2010 by the Prime Minister and became part of the national reserves network, which is run and managed by the RSCN.

Yarmouk Forest Reserve is located in the northwestern parts of Jordan, at the border with Golan hill. The total area of Yarmouk Forest Reserve is 20 km2. It contains two main topographic areas: Mountains which are covered by deciduous oak up to 500 m high above the sea level, punctuated by valleys of small and medium descend towards the Yarmouk river. Those small and medium descend valleys have a seasonal runoff with the exception of Shag Al Bared valley.