How to cross the border between Jordan and Israel/Palestine

***Please note that, as of March 12th, all three border crossings described here are closed for departing and arriving passengers. This is a government measure to avoid the propagation of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Jordan.***

As detailed here, visas can be obtained at the Queen Alia International Airport (unless for restricted nationalities). However, there are three border crossings available for travellers between Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (oPT). Each point has a different name on both Jordanian and Israeli/Palestinian sides. Click below to read all essential information about each crossing.

1 – Sheikh Hussein/Jordan River Crossing

2 – Allenby/King Hussein Bridge

3 – Wadi Araba/Yitzhak Rabin Crossing

Stamps: when crossing into Jordan from Israel/Palestinian territories, Jordanian authorities might stamp your passport stating that you entered the country via that crossing. Therefore, that means that you have been to Israel and/or to the Palestinian territories, which are occupied by Israel. This stamp may have your entry denied in certain countries, like Lebanon.

Therefore, keep that in mind when planning upcoming trips in the region. You can also ask the Jordanian authorities to stamp a slip of paper instead, if you plan to go to other countries that do not have an amicable relation with Israel. The same is valid when travelling to Lebanon and entering Israel afterwards – you may face questioning from Israeli authorities on why you have visited Lebanon.

Please note that pubic holidays may affect the opening times and operations at the border crossings on both sides. Plan ahead and check if important dates such as Ramadan, Muslim New Year or Yom Kippur will impact your holidays.